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together in one house. My master has forgotten for how many years I have served him and borne him safely from place to place, and now that I am unable to plough any longer he will not pro­vide me with food and has sent me away."
" Without any consolation ?" asked the fox,
" The consolation was worthless," he replied. " He told me that if I was strong enough to bring him a lion he would take me back and keep me, but he knows very well that I could not possibly do that"
Then said the fox, " Don't be downhearted, I can help you, so just lie down here, stretch yourself out as if you were dead, and do not move."
The horse did as the fox desired him, while the fox went to a lion, whose den was not far off, and said to him, " Yonder lies a dead horse; come with me, and I will show you where it is, and you can have a good feast."
The lion went with him, but when they reached the spot the fox said, " You cannot make a meal comfortably here; I'll tell you what I will do, I will tie the horse on to you by the tail, and then you can drag him to your den and consume him at your leisure."
The lion was pleased with this advice ; he placed himself near the horse, and stood quite still to enable the fox to tie the tail securely. But in doing so he contrived to twist it round the lion's legs so tightly that with all his strength he could not move them. When the fox had accomplished this feat, he struck the horse on the shoulder and cried, " Gee up, old horse, gee up."
Up sprang the horse, and started off at full speed, dragging the lion with him. As they dashed through the wood the lion began to roar, and roared so loud that all the birds flew away in a fright. But the horse let him roar, and dragged him along over field and meadow to his master's door. As soon as the master saw what his horse had done, he said to him, " As you have accomplished what I required, you shall now stay with me and have food and shelter as long as you live."