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THE THREE FEATHERS.               467
awkward that they fell, and one broke her arm, and the other her leg. But the beautiful lady whom Simple had brought home, sprung as lightly as a deer through the ring, and thus put an end to all opposition.
The youngest brother married the beautiful maiden, and, after his father's death, ruled the kingdom, for many years, with wisdom and equity.
A wolf once made friends with a fox, and kept him always by him, so that whatever the wolf wanted, the fox was obliged to do, because he was the weakest, and could not, therefore, be master. It happened, one day, that they were both passing through a wood, and the wolf said, "Red fox, find me something to eat, or I shall eat you."
"Well," replied the fox, "I know a farm-yard near, in which there are two young lambs; if you like I will go and fetch one." The wolf was quite agreeable, so the fox went to the field, stole the lamb, and brought it to the wolf; he then returned to find something for himself.
The wolf soon ate up the lamb, but he was not satisfied, and began to long so much for the other lamb, that he went to fetch it himself. But he managed so awkwardly that the mother of the lamb saw him, and began to cry and bleat fearfully; and the far­mer came running out to see what was the matter. The wolf got so terribly beaten that he ran limping and howling back to the fox. "You have led me into a pretty mess," he said. "I wanted the other lamb, and because I went to fetch it, the farmer has nearly
killed me."
"Why are you such a glutton, then?" replied the fox.
Another day, as they were in a field, the greedy wolf exclaimed, " Red fox, if you don?t find me something to eat, I shall ea"
you up."
"Oh! I can get you some pancakes, if you like," he said; "foi I know a farmhouse where the wife is frying them now.*