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Presently, the king said: "Dear child, I have given away my kingdom, and what can I give to you ?"
" She wants nothing," said the old woman. " I have saved up the tears she has wept, and they are all pearls—far more beautiful than those found in the sea, and worth more than the whole of your kingdom. And as a reward for her services in tending my geese, I give her this cottage !"
As the old woman said this, she vanished from their sight. At the same moment a cracking sound was heard in the walls, and, when they turned to look, the whole cottage was changed into a noble palace, a royal banquet was already spread for them, and numerous servants were in attendance.
The story does not end here, but the old grandmother who re­lated it to us has forgotten the termination; and lately her memory has become weak.
It is very probable, however, that the beautiful daughter of the king was married .0 the count, and that they lived together ever after at the palace in great happiness.
Whether the snow-white geese, whose guardian the princess had been, were really young maidens (in saying this we do not wish to be rude to our lady readers), whom the old woman had brought around her, or whether after they regained their human shapes they became maids of honour to the princess, we cannot say, but it is very probable.
This we do know, that the old woman was not a witch, as people supposed, but a good fairy, who only wished to do good. Very likely it was she who had given the princess at her birth the power of weeping pearls instead of tears. This gift is unknown in the present day, or how very soon the poor would become rich I
A tatlor and a blacksmith were returning together one evening from a town in which they had been working at their different trades. As evening came on, they saw the sun setting behind the hills, and presently, as the moon rose, came the sound of distant