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mation. At last, addressing the pretended advice in his book, he exclaimed : " You are there, but you will have to come out!"
The hidden man, supposing that the doctor spoke to him, sprang out full of terror, crying: " The man knows everything !"
Doctor Know-all at last took the nobleman to the place where the money was concealed j but he did not tell who had stolen it So, in addition to the reward offered for the discovery, he received also a good sum from the servants in return for not betraying them, and became a man of great renown.
It was a beautiful morning, about harvest time, the buckwheat was in flower, the sun shining in the heavens, and the morning breeze waving the golden cornfields, while the lark sung blithely in the clear blue sky, and the bees were buzzing about the flowers. The villagers seemed all alive; many of them were dressed in their best clothes, hastening to the fair.
It was a lovely day, and all nature seemed happy, even to a little hedgehog, who stood at his own door. He had his arms folded, and was singing as merrily as little hedgehogs can do on a plea­sant morning. While he thus stood amusing himself, his little wife was washing and dressing the children, and he thought he might as well go and see how the field of turnips was getting on, for, as he and his family fed upon them, they appeared like his own property. No sooner said than done. He shut the house door after him and started off.
He had not gone farther than the little hedge bordering the turnip field, when he met a hare, who was on his way to inspect the cabbages, which he also considered belonged to him. When the hedgehog saw the hare, he wished him " good morning" very pleasantly.
But the hare, who was a grand gentleman in his way. and not very good tempered, took no notice of the hedgehog's greeting, but said in a most impertinent mar er, " How is it that you are run­ning about the fields so early ihia morning?"
" I am taking a walk," said the hedgehog.