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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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INTRODUCTION                                     v
the town clerk of Zurich. She came of literary ante­cedents. Her father was a well-known and very active physician of the little mountain village of Hirzel in Canton Zurich; her mother was the popular poet Meta Heusser. Her home was an unusually brilliant social centre, where the young girl met many of the celebri­ties of the time; it was also overflowing with brothers and sisters, so that she had abundant opportunities to know child life at first hand.
Johanna Heusser was born on the twelfth of June, 1829, and in 1852 she married her former schoolmate, the Rechtskonsulent, or legal adviser, Bernhard Spyri. On his death in December, 1884, she published a tribute to his memory. Since her first book was written there have been few years when some new work from her pen has not appeared, and she has been long recognized as one of the world's favorite writers for children. Her stories have been translated into various languages, and some of them are printed in raised letters for the blind. The Swiss Schuldirector, J. V. Widemann, president of the Commission for Children's Literature, wrote in the Universal Szviss Teachers' Journal an article declar­ing Frau Spyri to be the best of contemporary women writers for the young, and added that he knew of no man to be compared with her.
The general title of her stories indicates the scope of her work. There are children's books which only chil­dren like, and such books are undesirable for children. It may be safely said that not one of the few great books — the so-called classics for the young — appeals
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