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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE ALM-UNCLE                                    3
you have for a little while longer ; it won't take us more than an hour."
Just then a large, pleasant-looking woman came out of the cottage and joined them. The little girl jumped to her feet and followed the two women, who had instantly fallen into a lively conversation regarding all the inhabitants of the hamlet and of the neighbor­hood.
" But really, Dete, where are you taking the child ? " asked the newcomer. " It is your sister's little girl, is n't it, — the orphan ? "
"Yes, it is," replied the other, " I am taking her up to her grandfather ; she will have to stay there."
" What ! the little girl is going to live with the Aim-Uncle ? You must have lost your senses, Dete ! How can you think of doing such a thing ? The old man will send you back with such a scheme as that."
" He can't do it; he 's her grandfather, and it is time for him to look out for her; I have had her till now, and I must tell you, Barbel, that I could not think of letting her hinder me from taking such a place as I have just had offered me. Her grandfather must do his part now."
" That's very well, if he were like other men," urged the portly Barbel with some indignation. " But you know what he is. What will he do with a child — especially with such a young one ? He won't hear of such a thing— But where are you going?"
"To Frankfurt," said Dete. "I have an extra good place there. The family was down at the Baths last
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