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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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8                                          HEIDI
he had come across down below and soon after lost. He must have had some money still, for he let the boy Tobias learn the carpenter's trade; and he was a steady fellow and well thought of by all the people in Dorfli. But nobody had confidence in the old man, and it was said that he had deserted from Naples, that he had got into trouble, that he had killed somebody, not in war of course, but in some quarrel. But we recognize the relationship, for my mother's grandmother was his grandmother's first cousin. So we called him Uncle, and as we are related to almost all the people in Dorfli, on father's side, they all call him Uncle, and since he went up on the Aim he has been known as the Aim-Uncle."
" But what became of Tobias ?" asked Barbel eagerly.
" Wait and I '11 tell you. I can't tell all things in one breath !" exclaimed Dete. " Tobias was serving his time in Mels, and as soon as he finished he came home to Dorfli and married my sister Adelheid, for they had always been fond of each other, and after their mar­riage they lived very happily together. But it did n't last long. Two years after, while Tobias was working on a new house, a beam fell on him and killed him. Adelheid's fright and grief when her husband was brought home so disfigured threw her into a violent fever, from which she did not recover. She never was very strong, and was often in such a condition that it was almost impossible to tell whether she was asleep or awake. Only two weeks after Tobias's death Adelheid too was buried. Then the sad fate of the two was in
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