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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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everybody's mouth far and wide, and it was hinted and openly declared that it was a judgment the uncle deserved for his godless life. It was said so to his face; even the priest admonished him seriously to do penance, but he only grew more and more surly and obdurate and no longer spoke to any one, and every one avoided him.
" Suddenly it was reported that the uncle had gone up on the Aim and no longer came down at all ; since then he has staid there and lives at enmity with God and man.
" Mother and I took Adelheid's little child; she was a year old. Last summer mother died, and as I wanted to work down at the Baths, I took her to board with old Ursel up in Pfafferserdorf. I was able to stay at the Baths all winter. I found plenty of work, because I could sew and mend; and early in the spring the lady I served last year came back from Frankfurt, and she is going to take me home with her. Day after to-mor­row morning we start. It is a good place, I can tell you."
" And now are you going to give the child to the old man up there ? I 'm surprised that you should think of such a thing, Dete," said Barbel reproachfully.
"What do you mean?" retorted Dete. "I have done my duty by the child. What else could I do with her now? I don't think I could take a child scarcely five years old to Frankfurt. But where are you going, anyway, Barbel ? We are halfway up the Aim now."
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