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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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matter with you ? Where is your dress and the other one and your neckerchief? I bought you brand-new shoes on the mountain, and I made you new stockings, and they are all gone ! all gone ! Heidi, what have you done with them ? Where have you put them all? "
The child calmly pointed down the mountain and said: "There!"
The aunt followed the direction of her finger. To be sure, there lay something, and on the top of it was a red speck; that was surely the neckerchief.
"You careless girl! " cried the aunt in great excite­ment. " What were you thinking about ? Why did you take everything off? What did you mean?"
" I did n't need them," said the child, without looking in the least sorry for what she had done.
" Oh, you careless, senseless Heidi! don't you know anything ? " the aunt went on, lamenting and scolding. " It will take half an hour for any one to go down there again ! Come, Peter, run back for me and get the things! Come, be quick, and don't stand there star­ing at me as if you were nailed to the ground."
" I am late already," said Peter slowly, and with both hands in his pockets stood still just where he was when he heard the aunt's angry reproaches.
" If you stand there staring like that, you will not get far, I 'm thinking," called out Aunt Dete. " Come here! you must have something nice. Do you see this?"
She held up a new five-centime piece, which glis­tened in his eyes. Suddenly he started, and with tre-
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