HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AT THE GRANDFATHER'S                         19
"Bring your bundle of clothes," he said as he entered.
" I shan't want them any more," replied Heidi.
The old man turned around and looked sharply at the child, whose black eyes shone in expectation of what might be inside.
"She's not lacking in intelligence," he said half to himself. " Why won't you need them any more ? " he asked aloud.
" I 'd rather go like the goats, with their swift little legs."
" So you shall, but bring the things along," commanded the grandfather; "they can be put in the cupboard."
Heidi obeyed. The old man opened the door, and Heidi followed him into a good-sized room, which embraced the whole hut. In it were a table and a chair; in one corner was the grandfather's bed, in another the fireplace where hung the large kettle; on the other side, in the wall, was a large door, which the grandfather opened ; it was the cupboard. There hung his clothes, and on one shelf lay his shirts, stockings, and linen; on another were plates, cups, and glasses, and on the topmost a loaf of bread, smoked meat, and cheese. Everything the Aim-Uncle owned and needed for his subsistence was kept in this closet. As soon as he had opened the door, Heidi came running with her bundle and pushed it in, as far back of her grand­father's clothes as possible, that it might not be easy to find it again. Then she looked carefully around the room and said : —
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