HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Where shall I sleep, grandfather ?"
" Wherever you like," he replied.
This was quite to Heidi's mind. She looked into every nook and corner to see where would be the best place for her to sleep. In the corner by her grand­father's bed stood a little ladder, which led to the hayloft. Heidi climbed this. There lay a fresh, fra­grant heap of hay, and through a round window one could look far down into the valley below.
" I will sleep here," Heidi called down ; " it is lovely ! Just come and see how lovely it is here, grandfather! "
"I know all about it," sounded from below.
" I am going to make a bed," called out the child again as she ran busily to and fro in the loft; " but you must come up here and bring a sheet, for the bed must have a sheet for me to sleep on."
"Well, well," said the grandfather below; and after a few moments he went to the cupboard and rummaged about; then he drew out from under his shirts a long, coarse piece of cloth, which might serve for a sheet. He came up the ladder and found that a very neat little bed had been made in the hayloft; the hay was piled up higher at one end to form the head, and it was placed in such a way that one could look from it straight out through the round open window.
"That is made very nicely," said the grandfather; "next comes the sheet; but wait a moment," — and he took up a good armful of hay and made the bed as thick again, in order that the hard floor might not be felt through it; " there, now put it on."
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