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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi quickly took hold of the, sheet, but was unable to lift it, it was so heavy; however, this made it all the better because the sharp wisps of hay could not penetrate the firm cloth. Then the two together spread the sheet over the hay, and where it was too broad or too long Heidi quickly tucked it under. Now it appeared quite trim and neat, and Heidi stood looking at it thoughtfully.
"We have forgotten one thing, grandfather," she said.
" What is that ?" he asked.
" The coverlet; when we go to bed we creep in between the sheet and the coverlet."
" Is that so ? But supposing I have n't any ? " asked the old man.
"Oh, then it's no matter," said Heidi soothingly; "we can take more hay for a coverlet " ; and she was about to run to the hay mow again, but her grand­father prevented her.
" Wait a moment," he said, and went down the ladder to his own bed. Then he came back and laid a large, heavy linen bag on the floor.
" Is n't that better than hay ? " he asked. Heidi pulled at the bag with all her might and main, trying to unfold it, but her little hands could not manage the heavy thing. Her grandfather helped, and when it was finally spread out on the bed, it all looked very neat and comfortable, and Heidi, looking at her new resting-place admiringly, said: —
" That is a splendid coverlet, and the whole bed is
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