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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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22                                                HEIDI
lovely! How I wish it were night so that I could lie down in it! "
" I think we might have something to eat first," said the grandfather. " What do you say ? "
In her eagerness over the bed, Heidi had forgotten everything else; but now that eating was suggested to her, a great feeling of hunger rose within her, for she had taken nothing all day, except a piece of bread and a cup of weak coffee early in the morning, and afterwards she had made the long journey. So Heidi heartily assented with :
"Yes, I think so too."
"Well, let us go down, since we are agreed," said the old man and followed close upon the child's steps. He went to the fireplace, pushed the large kettle aside and drew forward the little one that hung on the chain, sat down on the three-legged wooden stool with the round seat in front of him and kindled a bright fire. The kettle began to boil, and the old man held over the fire a large piece of cheese on the end of a long iron fork. He moved it this way and that, until it was golden yellow on all sides. Heidi looked on with eager attention. Suddenly a new idea came to her mind ; she jumped up and ran to the cupboard, and kept going back and forth. When the grandfather brought the toasted cheese to the table, it was already nicely laid with the round loaf of bread, two plates and two knives, for Heidi had noticed everything in the cupboard, and knew that all would be needed for the meal.
"That is right, to think of doing something your-
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