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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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self," said the grandfather, laying the cheese on the bread and putting the teapot on the table; " but there is something still lacking."
Heidi saw how invitingly the steam came out of the pot and ran quickly back to the cupboard. But there was only one little bowl there. Heidi was not long perplexed ; behind it stood two glasses; the child im­mediately came back with the bowl and glasses and placed them on the table.
"Very good. You know how to help yourself; but where are you going to sit ? "
The grandfather himself was sitting in the only chair. Heidi shot like an arrow to the fireplace, brought back the little three-legged stool and sat down on it.
" Well, you have a seat, sure enough, only it is rather low," said the grandfather; "but in my chair also you would be too short to reach the table ; but now you must have something anyway, so come! "
Saying which he rose, filled the little bowl with milk, placed it on the chair, and pushed it close to the three-legged stool, so that Heidi had a table in front of her. The grandfather laid a large slice of bread and a piece of the golden cheese on the chair and said: —
"Now eat!"
He seated himself on the corner of the table and began his dinner. Heidi grasped her bowl and drank and drank without stopping, for all the thirst of her long journey came back to her. Then she drew a long breath and set down the bowl.
" Do you like the milk ? " asked her grandfather.
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