HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi was awakened early in the morning by a loud whistle; and when she opened her eyes, a flood of sun­shine was pouring through the round window on her bed and the hay close by, so that everything about shone like gold. Heidi looked around her in amazement and did not know where she was.
Then she heard her grandfather's deep voice outside, and everything came back to her mind — where she had come from, and that now she was up on the Aim with her grandfather and no longer with old Ursel. Ursel was always cold, so that she liked to sit by the kitchen fire or the stove in her chamber. Heidi had been obliged to stay very near, so that the old woman could see where she was, because she was deaf and could not hear her. This had often been very irksome to Heidi, who longed to run outside.
So she was very glad when she awoke in her new home and remembered how many strange things she had seen the day before and what she would see again that day, especially Schwanli and Barli.
Heidi jumped quickly out of bed and in a few minutes had put on all that she wore the day before ; it was very little. Then she climbed down the ladder and ran out
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