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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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30                                        HEIDI
in front of the hut. There already stood the goatherd Peter with his flock, and the grandfather was bringing Schwanli and Barli out of the shed to join the other goats. Heidi ran up to him to say good-morning to him and the goats.
"Would you like to go to the pasture, too ? " asked the grandfather. Heidi was pleased with the idea and jumped for joy.
" But first wash and be clean, or else the sun will laugh at you when it is shining so brightly up there and sees that you are dirty; see, everything is ready for you."
The grandfather pointed to a large tub full of water standing before the door in the sunshine. Heidi ran to it and splashed and rubbed until she was all shining. Meanwhile the grandfather went into the hut and called to Peter:
" Come here, general of the goats, and bring your haversack with you."
Peter, surprised, obeyed the call and brought along the little bag in which he carried his meagre dinner.
" Open it," said the old man; and he put in a large piece of bread and an equally large piece of cheese. Peter opened his round eyes as wide as possible in his amazement, for both pieces were half as large again as what he had brought for his own dinner.
"Now in goes the little bowl," continued the uncle, " for the child cannot drink the way you do, right from the goat; she does n't know how. Milk two bowlsful at noon for her, as she is to go with you and stay until
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