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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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32                                        HEIDI
home and put them into the hay in her sleeping room, that it might look there as it did here.
So Peter had to look everywhere ; and his round eyes, which did not move quickly from one place to another, had more work than they could well manage, for the goats were as bad as Heidi. They ran hither and thither, and he was obliged to whistle and shout and swing his rod continually in order to drive all the stragglers together.
"Where have you gone now, Heidi?" he called almost angrily.
" Here," sounded from some indefinite place. Peter could see no one, for Heidi was sitting on the ground behind a knoll, which was thickly covered with fragrant wild flowers. The whole air around was filled with the sweet odor, and Heidi had never breathed anything so exquisite before. She sat down among the flowers and drew in long breaths of the perfume.
"Come along!" called Peter again. "You must not fall down over the cliffs ; the uncle charged me not to let you."
"Where are the cliffs ? " asked Heidi without stirring from the place, for every breath of wind brought the sweet odor to the child with increasing charm.
" Up there, 'way up ; we have still a long way to go ; so come along now ! And up at the very top sits the old robber-bird croaking."
That availed. Heidi immediately jumped up and ran to Peter with her apron full of flowers.
"You have enough now," he said, when they were
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