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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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once more climbing together ; " besides, you '11 stay here forever, and if you pick them all you won't have any to-morrow."
The last reason convinced Heidi; besides, her apron was already so full that there was hardly room for more, and there must be some left for to-morrow. So she went along with Peter; and the goats behaved better and hurried along without delay, for they smelt the good herbage in the distance on the high pasture land.
The pasture where Peter usually went with his goats for the day lay at the foot of the high cliff. The lower part of this was covered with bushes and fir trees, but it rose toward heaven quite bald and steep. On one side of the mountain there were deep chasms. The grandfather was quite right in warning Peter about them.
When Peter reached this spot on the heights, he took off his bag and laid it carefully in a little hollow in the ground. He knew that the wind often rushed across in strong gusts, and he did not wish to see his precious possessions roll down the mountain. Then he stretched himself out on the ground in the sunny pas­ture to rest from the exertion of climbing.
In the mean time Heidi had taken off her apron, rolled it up tightly with the flowers inside, and laid it close to the lunch bag. Then she sat down beside Peter and looked around her. The valley lay far below in the full morning sunshine. In front of her Heidi saw a great wide field of snow, stretching high up into the deep blue sky ; on the left stood an enormous mass
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