HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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IN THE PASTURE                                  35
in this way, and Heidi had gazed so often and so long at the lofty mountain tops that it seemed as if they all had faces and were gazing down quite familiarly at her, like good friends.
Then she heard above her a loud, shrill screaming and croaking, and as she looked up into the air the largest bird she had ever seen in her life was flying around on wide, outstretched wings and coming back in wider circles and screaming loud and piercingly over her head.
" Peter ! Peter! Wake up ! " cried Heidi at the top of her voice. " See, there is the robber-bird! See! see!"
Peter jumped up at the call and looked with Heidi at the bird, which was flying higher and higher in the blue sky. Finally it disappeared over the gray cliffs.
"Where has he gone now?" asked Heidi, who had-watched the bird with eager scrutiny.
" Home to his nest," was Peter's answer.
" Is his home 'way up there ? Oh, how lovely to be so high up ! Why does he scream so ? " asked Heidi again.
"Because he can't help it," explained Peter.
" Let us climb up there and see where his home is," proposed Heidi.
" Oh ! oh ! oh ! " burst out Peter, uttering each excla­mation with more vehement disapproval; " no goat can get there, and the uncle said you must not fall over the cliff."
Then Peter suddenly began such a whistling and call­ing that Heidi did not know what was going to happen;
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