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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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36                                         HEIDI
but the goats must have understood the sound, for one after another they came jumping down until the whole flock was assembled on the green slope, some nibbling the spicy stalks, others running to and fro, and still others amusing themselves by butting one another with their horns.
Heidi jumped up and ran around among the goats. It was new and indescribably amusing to her to see how the little creatures leaped about and played together, and Heidi made the personal acquaintance of each, for every one had a quite distinct individuality and its own peculiar ways.
Meanwhile Peter had brought out the bag and nicely arranged all four of the pieces of bread and cheese on the ground in a square, the larger pieces on Heidi's side, the smaller ones on his side; he knew just how many he had. Then he took the little bowl and milked sweet, fresh milk from Schwanli into it and placed it in the middle of the square. Then he called Heidi, but he had to call longer for her than for the goats, because she was so interested and pleased with the varied gamboling and frolicking of her new playmates that she saw and heard nothing else.
But Peter knew how to make himself understood. He called till it made the rocks above echo; and Heidi appeared, and the table he had laid looked so inviting that she danced around it for joy.
" Stop jumping; it is time to eat," said Peter; "sit down and begin."
Heidi sat down.
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