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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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IN THE PASTURE                               37
"Is the milk mine? " she asked, contemplating with satisfaction the neat square and the bowl in the middle.
"Yes," answered Peter, "and the two large pieces of bread and cheese are yours, too; and when you have drunk all the milk, you can have another bowlful from Schwanli, and then it is my turn."
"And where will you get your milk? " Heidi wanted to know.
"From my goat from Schnecke. Go to eating!" commanded Peter once more.
Heidi began with her milk, and as soon as she set down her empty bowl Peter rose and filled it again. Heidi broke some of her bread into it; the rest, a piece still larger than all Peter's bread, she handed over to him, with all her large portion of cheese, and said:
" You may have that. I have enough."
Peter looked at Heidi in speechless amazement, for never in his life had he been able to say such a thing or give anything away. He hesitated a little, for he could not really believe that Heidi was in earnest. She persisted in offering the bread and cheese, and when he did not take it, she laid it down on his knee. Then he saw that she meant it for him, seized the prize, nodded his thanks, and then made the most satisfactory dinner of his goatherd life. Meantime Heidi watched the goats.
" What are their names, Peter ? " she asked.
He knew them all well enough and could keep them in his head all the better because he had little else to
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