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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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store away there. So he began and without hesitation named one after the other, pointing to each one as he did so. Heidi listened with the closest attention to his explanation, and before long she could distinguish them from one another and call each by name; for they all had their peculiarities, which any one might remember, but it was necessary to look at them closely, and she did this.
There was the big Turk with his powerful horns. He was always trying to butt all the others, and if he came near, most of them ran away and would have nothing to do with their rough comrade. The brave Distelfinck, a slender, nimble little goat, was the only one that did not avoid him, but often ran at him three or four times in succession so swiftly and skilfully that the big Turk would stand still in astonishment and make no further attack; for the Distelfinck looked very warlike'and had sharp horns.
There was the little white Schneehopli, always bleat­ing so touchingly, so beseechingly, that Heidi ran to her again and again and put her arms around her head to comfort her. But now the child hurried to her once more, for her mournful young voice was again raised in appeal. Heidi threw her arm around the little creature's neck and asked quite sympathetically: —
" What is the matter, Schneehopli ? Why do you cry so ? "
The goat trustingly pressed close to Heidi's side and became perfectly quiet.
Peter called out from where he was sitting, with
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