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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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frequent interruptions while he took a bite and a swallow:
" She does so because the old one does n't come with her any more. They sold her and sent her to Mayen-feld day before yesterday; so she doesn't come up on the Aim any longer."
" Who is the old one ? " asked Heidi.
*' Why, the mother, of course," was the reply.
" Where is the grandmother ? " asked Heidi again.
"Hasn't any."
" And the grandfather ? "
"Hasn't any."
"You poor Schneehopli," said Heidi, drawing the little creature tenderly towards her. " Don't cry so any more, for, you see, I will come with you every day, c:nd then you won't be alone ; and if you want anything, you can come to me."
Schneehopli rubbed her head contentedly against Heidi's shoulder and bleated no more.
By far the prettiest and cleanest of the goats were Schwanli and Barli, who were decidedly superior in their behavior, and usually went their own way; they especially avoided the obtrusive Turk and treated him with contempt.
The animals had begun to climb up to the bushes again, each one after his own fashion : some leaping carelessly over everything, others cautiously seeking out the good herbs as they went along, while the Turk tried his horns here and there first in one place and then in another.
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