HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Schwanli and Barli climbed prettily and gracefully, and whenever they found fine bushes, there they sta­tioned themselves and browsed on them. Heidi stood with her hands behind her back, watching them all with the closest attention.
" Peter," she said to the boy, who had thrown him­self down again on the ground, "the prettiest of them all are Schwanli and Barli."
"Of course they are," was the reply. "The Aim-Uncle brushes and washes them and gives them salt and has the best shed."
Suddenly Peter jumped up and fairly leaped after the goats. Heidi ran after him ; she felt that something must have happened, and she could not remain behind. Peter ran through the midst of the goats to the side of the mountain, where the rocks descended steep and bare far below, and where a careless goat, going near, might easily fall over and break all its bones. He had seen the venturesome Distelfinck jumping along in that direc­tion ; he reached there just in time, for at that instant the little goat came to the very edge of the precipice. Just as it was falling, Peter flung himself down on the ground and managed to seize one of its legs and hold it fast. Distelfinck bleated with anger and surprise, to be held so by his leg and hindered from continuing his merry course, and struggled obstinately onward. Peter screamed: "Heidi, help me!" for he couldn't get up and was almost pulling off Distelfinck's leg. Heidi was already there and instantly understood their sorry plight. She quickly pulled up from the ground some fragrant
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