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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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herbs and held them under Distelfinck's nose and said soothingly: —
"Come, come, Distelfinck, you must be sensible! See, you might fall off and break your bones, and that would give you frightful pain."
The goat quickly turned around and eagerly nibbled the herbs from Heidi's hand. Meanwhile Peter had succeeded in getting on his feet and had seized the cord which held the bell around Distelfinck's neck. Heidi seized it on the opposite side, and the two together led the runaway back to the peacefully feed­ing flock.
When Peter had the goat in safety once more, he raised his rod to beat him soundly as a punishment, and Distelfinck timidly drew back, for he saw what was going to happen. But Heidi cried : —
" No, Peter ! no, you must not beat him ! See how frightened he is ! "
"He deserves it," snarled Peter and was going to strike the goat. But Heidi seized his arm and cried indignantly: —
" You shall not do it; it will hurt him ! Let him alone!"
Peter looked in astonishment at the commanding Heidi, whose black eyes snapped at him. He reluc­tantly dropped his rod.
'•'He can go if you will give me some of your cheese again to-morrow," said Peter, yielding; for he wanted some compensation for his fright.
"You may have it all — the whole piece — to-morrow
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