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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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IN THE PASTURE                                  43
"Oh, see! see!" cried Heidi in great excitement; " suddenly it grows rosy red ! Look at the snow and the high, pointed rocks ! What are their names, Peter? "
" Mountains don't have names," he replied.
" Oh, how lovely ! See the snow all rosy red ! And oh, on the rocks above there are ever and ever so many roses ! Oh, now they are turning gray ! Oh ! Oh ! Now it is all gone ! It is all gone, Peter! " And Heidi sat down on the ground and looked as distressed as if everything was really coming to an end.
" It will be just the same again to-morrow," explained Peter. " Get up ! We must go home now."
Peter whistled and called the goats together, and they started on the homeward journey.
" Will it be like that every day — every day when we go to the pasture ? " asked Heidi, listening eagerly for some decided assurance as she walked down the moun­tain by Peter's side.
" Usually," was the reply.
" But really to-morrow again ?" she wanted to know.
"Yes; yes, to-morrow, certainly!" assured Peter.
Then Heidi was happy once more, but she had re­ceived so many impressions, and so many things were going around in her mind, that she was perfectly silent until they reached the hut and saw her grandfather. He was sitting under the fir trees, where he had also made a seat and was in the habit of waiting in the even­ing for his goats, which came down in this direction.
Heidi ran straight up to him, followed by Schwanli
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