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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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and Barli; for the goats knew their master and their shed. Peter called out to Heidi:
" Come again to-morrow ! Good-night! " He was pleased to have Heidi go with him.
Heidi darted back, gave Peter her hand, and assured him that she would accompany him again ; then she sprang into the midst of the departing flock, threw her arms once more around Schneehopli's neck, and said confidingly:
" Sleep well, Schneehopli, and remember that I will go with you again to-morrow and that you must never bleat so mournfully again."
Schneehopli seemed pleased and looked thankfully into Heidi's face and then leaped gaily after the other goats.
Heidi came back under the fir trees.
" Oh, grandfather, it was so beautiful!" she exclaimed even before she had reached him " the fire and the roses on the cliffs and.the blue and yellow flowers ; and see what I have brought you ! "
Whereupon Heidi shook all her wealth of flowers out of her folded apron in front of her grandfather. But what a sight the poor little flowers made! Heidi no longer recognized them. They were all like hay, and not a single cup was open.
" Oh, grandfather, what is the matter with them ?" cried Heidi, quite shocked. " They were not like that; why do they look so now ?"
"They like to stand out in the sunshine and not shut up in your apron," said the grandfather.
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