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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Then I will never bring any more home. But, grandfather, what made the robber-bird scream so ?" asked Heidi urgently.
"You must jump into the water now, while I go to the shed and fetch the milk ; afterwards we will go into the house together and have supper. Then I will tell you about it."
So it was; and later, when Heidi sat on her high stool before her little bowl of milk, next her grandfather, she again asked the question : —
" Why did the robber-bird keep croaking and scream­ing so, grandfather ?"
" He is mocking at the people down below, because so many sit together in the villages and make one another wicked. So he mocks at them : ' It would be much bet­ter for you to leave one another and let each go his own way and climb up to some mountain-top, as I do !'
The grandfather spoke these words so wildly that the robber-bird's screaming came back to Heidi's mind still more impressively.
"Why have the mountains no names, grandfather?" asked Heidi again.
"They have names," he replied; "and if you can describe one to me so that I can recognize it, I will tell you what it is called."
Then Heidi described the rocky mountain, with its two high towers, just as she had seen it, and the grand­father, well pleased, said : —
" Very good ! I know it; it is called Falkniss.1 Did you see any more ? "
1 Falcon's nest.
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