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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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46                                        HEIDI
Then Heidi described the mountain with the big snow field, which had been on fire, then turned rose color, and then suddenly grew pale and wan.
"I know that, too," said the grandfather; "that is the Casaplana. So it pleased you up in the pasture, did it ?"
Then Heidi told him about everything that had hap­pened throughout the day — how lovely it had been; and she asked her grandfather to tell her where the fire at evening had come from, for Peter had not known any­thing about it.
" You see," the grandfather explained, " the sun does it. When he says good-night to the mountains, he sends to them his most beautiful rays so that they may not forget him until he comes back again in the morning."
This pleased Heidi, and she could hardly wait for another day to come so that she could go up to the pasture and see once more how the sun said good-night to the mountains. But first she had to go to sleep, and she slept soundly the whole night long on her bed of hay and dreamed of bright, shining mountains and their red roses, in the midst of which Schneehopli merrily ran and jumped.
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