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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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On the following morning the bright sun appeared again, and Peter came with his goats, and they all went together up to the pasture; and so it happened day after day. Heidi grew very brown and strong and healthy from this outdoor life, and she was as happy as the merry little birds in all the trees in the green woods.
It was now autumn, and the wind was beginning to blow louder over the mountains ; so the grandfather said one day : —
" You must stay here to-day, Heidi; the wind with one puff could blow a little thing like you over all the rocks down into the valley."
But when Peter heard this in the morning, he looked very unhappy, for he saw real misfortune before him. He did not know how to pass the time, it was so tedi­ous when Heidi was not with him. He missed his hearty dinner. Moreover, the goats were so contrary these days that he had twice as much trouble with them ; they were so accustomed to Heidi's company that they would not go along, but ran off in every direction, because she was not with them.
Heidi was never unhappy, for she always found some­thing about her to enjoy. She would have preferred
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