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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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she might be warm and comfortable, and held her tight with his left arm, as this was very necessary for the coming journey. Then with his right hand he seized the handle and gave a push with both feet. The sled shot away down the mountain with such swiftness that Heidi thought she was flying through the air like a bird and shouted with joy.
Suddenly the sled stood still in front of Peter the goatherd's hut. The grandfather put the child on the ground, unwrapped her covering, and said: —
" Now go in, and when it begins to grow dark, come out again and start along on the way home."
Then he turned round with his sled and drew it up the mountain.
Heidi opened the door and went into a little room which looked black. There was a fireplace in it and some bowls on a stand. This was the kitchen. Then came another door, which Heidi also opened. This led into a small sitting-room; for this was not a Swiss cot­tage, like her grandfather's, with one single, large room and a loft above it, but a very old little house, where everything was small, narrow, and old-fashioned.
When Heidi stepped into the little sitting-room, she stood right in front of a table by which sat a woman mending Peter's jacket. Heidi immediately recognized it. In the corner sat an old, bent grandmother spin­ning. Heidi knew at once who she was. She went straight to the spinning wheel and said: —
" How do you do, grandmother ? I have come to see you. Did you think it was a long time before I came ? "
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