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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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54                                         HEIDI
The grandmother raised her head and sought for the hand held out to her. When she found it, she felt of it for some time thoughtfully ; then she said : —
"Are you the child staying up with the Aim-Uncle ? Are you Heidi ? "
"Yes, yes," replied the child; "I have just come down with my grandfather on the sled."
" Is that possible! Your hand is so warm ! Say, Brigitte, did the Aim-Uncle himself come down with the child?"
Peter's mother, Brigitte, who was mending by the table, had risen and was now examining the child with curiosity from head to foot; then she said : —
" I don't know, mother, whether the uncle himself came with her or not; it is not likely; the child may be mistaken."
But Heidi looked straight at the woman and said sturdily : —
" I know very well who wrapped me up in the cov­erlet and brought me down on the sled. It was my grandfather."
"Then there must be something in what Peter said last summer about the Aim-Uncle, although we thought he was not right," said the grandmother. "Who could really have believed that such a thing was possible ? I thought the child would n't live three weeks up there! How does she look, Brigitte ? "
Brigitte had studied her so thoroughly in the mean time that she could well describe her appearance.
" She has a delicate form like Adelheid," she replied;
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