HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" but she has black eyes and curly hair, like Tobias and also like the old man up there. I believe she looks like them both."
Meanwhile Heidi was not idle ; she had looked around and noticed everything. Now she said : —
" See, grandmother! there is a shutter that keeps swinging back and forth. My grandfather would drive in a nail at once to hold it fast. It will break a pane of glass. See, see ! "
"Oh, you good child!" said the grandmother; "I cannot see it, but I can hear it and much more be­sides the shutter. Everything creaks and rattles when the wind blows, and it comes in everywhere. Every­thing is loose; and often in the night when both the others are asleep, I am so anxious and afraid lest the whole house should tumble down over our heads and kill us all three; and there is no man to mend any­thing about the hut, for Peter does n't know how."
" But why can't you see how the shutter swings, grandmother? See! there it goes again — there, there, there!" and Heidi pointed with her finger directly toward the place.
" Ah, child ! I can see nothing at all, nothing at all; the shutter or anything else," said the grandmother mournfully.
" But if I go out and open the shutter wide so that it will be quite light; can you see then, grandmother ? "
" No, no, not even then ! No one can make it light for me again ! "
" But if you go out in the white snow, then it will
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