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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AT THE GRANDMOTHER'S                           59
shook hands with her, one after the other, and accom­panied her to the door. But the grandmother called out anxiously : —
" Wait, wait, Heidi! You must not go alone. Peter must go with you ; do you hear ? And take care of the child, Peterli. Don't let her fall down or stand still with her, for she might freeze. Do you hear ? And has she a good thick scarf round her neck ? "
"I haven't any scarf at all; but I shall not freeze," Heidi called back. Then she went out at the door and slipped away so quickly that Peter could hardly follow her.
But the grandmother called anxiously: —
" Run after her, Brigitte, run ! The child will be frozen — out so in the night. Take my neckerchief. Run quickly! "
Brigitte obeyed. But the children had gone only a few steps up the mountain when they saw the grand­father coming down, and in a moment he was with them.
"Very good, Heidi," said he; "you have kept your word!" He wrapped the coverlet round the child once more, took her in his arms and climbed up the mountain. Brigitte saw this and went back into the hut with Peter and told the grandmother in great surprise all about it. The grandmother was also sur­prised and kept saying : —
" God be praised and thanked that he is so good to her! God be praised and thanked! If he will only let her come to see me again ; for the child did me so
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