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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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much good ! What a kind heart she has ! How amus­ingly she talks ! " And until she went to bed she kept repeating: —
" If she will only come again ! Now there is some­thing still left in the .world to give me pleasure!"
Brigitte agreed with her every time, and Peter nodded his head approvingly and stretched his mouth wide with delight, saying: —
" I knew it! "
Meanwhile Heidi, wrapped in her bag, had much to say to her grandfather; but as her voice did not pene­trate the eight-fold wrap, and he could not understand a word, he said : —
"Wait a little, until we get home; then tell me about it."
As soon as he reached the hut and had taken off Heidi's wrap, she said: —
" Grandfather, to-morrow we must take the hammer and the big nails and fasten the shutter at the grand­mother's house, and drive a good many more nails; for everything creaks and rattles there."
" We must ? We must do so ? Who told you that ? " asked the grandfather.
" Nobody told me so ; I knew it without," replied Heidi; " for everything is loose and it makes the grandmother anxious and afraid when the wind blows; and she can't sleep. She thinks : ' Now everything will fall down on our heads.' And nobody can make it light any more for the grandmother! She does n't know how any one can. But you can surely, grand-
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