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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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father! Only think how sad it is for her to be always in the dark! and nobody can help her but you ! To-morrow we will go ; won't we, grandfather ? "
Heidi clung to her grandfather and looked up at him with undoubting confidence. The old man gazed at the child for a little while, then said : —
" Yes, Heidi; we will make everything fast at the grandmother's hut, so that there will be no more rat­tling. To-morrow we will do so."
Then the child jumped for joy all around the room and cried: —
" To-morrow we will do it! To-morrow we will do it!"
The grandfather kept his word. The following after­noon they took the same ride on the sled. The old man set the child down before the door and said: " Now go in, and when it is night come back." Then he laid the bag on the sled and went around the house.
Scarcely had Heidi opened the door and run into the room, when the grandmother called out from her corner:—
" Here comes the child ! It is the child ! "
She dropped her thread and stopped the wheel for joy, and held out both hands.
Heidi immediately pushed the little low chair quite near, sat down in it, and had a great many more things to tell her and to ask her. But suddenly there was a heavy pounding on the house. It startled the grand­mother so that she nearly upset the spinning wheel and, trembling, cried out: —
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