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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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mering until he had driven the last nail he had brought with him. Meanwhile it had begun to grow dark; he had hardly come down and drawn his sled from behind the goat-shed when Heidi stepped out from the door. The grandfather wrapped her up in his arms and carried her as on the previous day, drawing the sled after him.
Thus the winter passed. After many long years a joy had come into the blind grandmother's dreary life, and her days were no more long and dark; for now she always had something pleasant to anticipate. From early morning she listened for the tripping footstep, and when the door opened and the child actually came dancing in, then she always exclaimed joyfully: —
" God be praised ! She has come again ! "
Heidi would sit down by her side and prattle and talk merrily .about everything she knew; it made the time pass so quickly that the grandmother did not notice it, and not once did she ask as formerly: —
" Brigitte, is the day nearly over ? "
Every time that Heidi closed the door behind her she would say : —
" How short the afternoon has been, has n't it, Bri­gitte ? " and Brigitte would reply : " To be sure, it seems to me we have hardly put away the dinner plates."
And the grandmother would say again : —
" If only the good Lord will preserve the child for me and keep the Aim-Uncle kind. Does she look well, Brigitte ? " and every time Brigitte would answer : " She looks like a rosy apple."
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