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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Quickly passed the winter, and still more quickly the merry summer following; and a new winter was already drawing to an end. Heidi was as happy and contented as the birds of the air, and rejoiced more and more every day in the approaching spring, when the warm south wind would blow through the fir trees and drive away the snow; then the bright sunshine would call forth the blue and yellow flowers, and the days in the pasture would come againódays which to Heidi brought the greatest pleasure that earth could give.
Heidi was now in her eighth year; she had learned all sorts of handiwork from her grandfather. She could go around with the goats as if she were one of them, and Schwanli and Barli followed her like trusty dogs, bleating loudly for joy if they merely heard her voice.
This winter Peter had already brought word twice from the school-teacher in Dorfli that the Aim-Uncle ought to send the child living with him to school, for she was more than old enough and should have gone the winter before. The uncle had sent word back to the school-teacher both times that if he wanted anything of him he would find him at home, but that he should
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