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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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68                                              HEIDI
"Nor have I seen you, pastor," was the answer.
" I come to-day to talk with you about something," continued the pastor. " I think you already know what the matter is which I am going to speak about, and I want to hear what your intention is."
The pastor remained silent and looked at the child, standing in the doorway and attentively watching the new apparition.
"Heidi, go out to the goats," said the grandfather. " You may take a little salt along and stay with them until I come."
Heidi immediately disappeared.
" The child should have been sent to school a year ago, and she certainly ought to have gone this winter," said the pastor; " the teacher has sent you word about it, but you have made no reply. What da you intend to do with her, neighbor ? "
" I do not intend to send her to school," was the answer.
The pastor looked in surprise at the old man as he sat with folded arms on his bench and looked very determined.
"What are you going to make of the child?" then asked the pastor.
" Nothing; she grows and thrives with the goats and the birds ; she is well enough with them, and she learns no harm from them."
" But the child is neither a goat nor a bird; she is a human being. If she learns no harm from such com­panions, neither does she learn anything else ; she ought
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