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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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70                                                HEIDI
friendliness ; " it would not be possible to send the child from here to school. But I can see that she is dear to you ; for her sake do what you ought to have done long ago; come down into Dorfli and live once more with human beings. What kind of a life is this up here, alone and embittered toward God and man ? If any­thing should happen to you up here, who would help you ? I cannot understand in the least why you are not half frozen all winter long in your hut, and how can the delicate child endure it ?'"
" The child has young blood and good shelter; that I can assure you, pastor. Moreover, I know where there is wood, and also when it is a good time to get it; the pastor ought to look into my shed; there is enough there so that the fire in my hut never goes out all win­ter long. It is not for me to go down into the valley as the pastor suggests ; the people down there despise me and I despise them, so it is better for both that we remain apart."
" No, no; it is not good for you ; I know what the trouble is," said the pastor earnestly. " As to the peo­ple scorning you down in the valley, it is not so bad. Believe me, neighbor, seek to make peace with your God; ask for his pardon if you have done any wrong, and then come and see how differently the people re­gard you, and how well it can still be with you."
The pastor rose, held out his hand to the old man, and said again with heartiness : —
" I count upon it, neighbor, that next winter you are to come down with us, for we are good old friends.
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