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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Silence!" roared the uncle; and his eyes blazed like fire. "Take her and be gone! Never bring her into my sight again. I never want to see her with feathers in her hat and words in her mouth such as you have spoken to-day ! "
The uncle strode out of the house.
" You have made my grandfather angry," said Heidi; and her black eyes snapped at her aunt in no friendly way.
"He will soon be all right again. Now come," urged the aunt; "where are your clothes?"
" I will not come," said Heidi.
" What do you say ? " continued the aunt ; then she somewhat changed her tone of voice and went on in a half friendly, half annoyed way :
" Come, come along, you don't know any better; you can't imagine what a good time you will have." She went to the cupboard, took out Heidi's things and put them together.
" Now come, take your little hat, it does n't look very well, but it will do for once; put it on and make haste to come along."
" I shall not come," answered Heidi.
" Don't be so foolish and stubborn, like the goats; you must have learned it from them. Listen to me; your grandfather is angry ; you have just heard him say that we must never come into his sight again; he wants you to go with me now, and you must not make him more angry. You have n't the least idea how lovely it is in Frankfurt, and how many things you will see
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