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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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there; and if you don't like it you can come back here; then the grandfather will be good-natured again."
" Can I turn right round and come back again to­night?"
" Oh, come along ! I tell you, you can come home if you want to. To-day we will go as far as Mayenfeld, and to-morrow morning early we will get into the train, and in that you can get home again in no time ; it's like flying."
Aunt Dete took the bundle of clothes on her arm, and Heidi by the hand, and they started down the mountain.
As it was not yet time to go to the pasture, Peter still went to school down in Dorfli, or was supposed to go there ; but he took a holiday now and then, for he thought it was of no use to go to school; reading was not necessary, but a little wandering about and looking for large rods was profitable because he could make use of them. So he was just coming toward his hut from the farther side with a visible result of that day's efforts in a huge long bundle of thick hazel rods which he car­ried on his shoulder. He stood still and stared at the two approaching figures until they reached him.
" Where are you going ? " he asked.
" I am hurrying to Frankfurt with my aunt," replied Heidi ; " but I will first go in to see the grandmother, for she is expecting me."
" No, no ; no talking, it is already too late," said the aunt hastily, and holding the struggling Heidi fast by the hand; " you can see her when you come back ; so come along! "
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