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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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76                                                HEIDI
Whereupon the aunt dragged Heidi off with her and did not let go, for she was afraid if she went in the child might refuse to go away, and that the grandmother might take her part. Peter ran into the hut and beat on the table with his whole bundle of rods, making such a frightful noise that the whole house trembled; the grandmother sprang up from her spinning wheel in alarm and cried out aloud. Peter had to give vent to his feelings.
" What is the matter ? What is the matter ? " cried the grandmother with great concern ; and the mother, who had been sitting by the table and was almost startled out of her wits by the noise, said in her natu­rally patient way : —
" What is the matter, Peterli ? What makes you so wild ?"
" Because she has taken Heidi away with her," ex­plained Peter.
"Who? who? Where, Peterli, where?" asked the grandmother with new concern ; she quickly guessed what had happened, for her daughter had told her a short time before that she had seen Dete go up to the Aim-Uncle's. All trembling in her haste, the grandmother opened the window and called out beseechingly : —
" Dete, Dete, don't take the child away from us! Don't take Heidi away from us!"
The two travelers heard the voice, and Dete must have surmised what she said, for she took hold of the child more firmly than ever and ran as fast as she could. Heidi resisted and said: —
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