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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"The grandmother is calling; I want to go to her."
But the aunt would not allow it and pacified the child by telling her that they must hurry in order not to be too late, and that the next morning they could travel farther and she could then see whether it pleased her well enough in Frankfurt to be willing to stay there. If she wanted to come back home again, she could do so at once; and then she could bring something to the grandmother which would delight her. This prospect pleased Heidi. She began to hurry without further objection
"What can I bring home to the grandmother ?" she asked after a while.
" Something good," said the aunt; " some lovely, soft white rolls that will please her; for she can hardly eat the hard black bread any longer."
" Yes; she always gives it back to Peter and says: 'It is too hard for me.' I have seen that myself," stated Heidi. " So let us go fast, Aunt Dete ; then, perhaps, we shall reach Frankfurt to-day, so that I can soon be back again with the rolls."
Heidi then began to run so fast that Dete, with her bundle in her arms, could hardly keep up with her. But she was very glad that she went so swiftly; for they were coming to the first houses in Dorfli, and there everybody would make remarks and ask questions, which might set Heidi to thinking again. So she hurried straight through, and the child pulled so hard at her hand that all the people could see that she was
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