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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Sesemann household. Herr Sesemann was away most of the time and left the whole house in Fraulein Rot-tenmeier's care, but with the condition that his little daughter should have a voice in everything, and that nothing should be done contrary to her wishes.
While Klara, with signs of impatience, was for the second time asking Fraulein Rottenmeier whether it was not time for the expected guests to arrive, Dete, holding Heidi by the hand, was standing at the entrance door below, asking the coachman Johann, who had just jumped down from the carriage, whether she might ven­ture to disturb Fraulein Rottenmeier at so late an hour.
"That is not my business," growled the coachman; "ring for Sebastian, inside there in the corridor."
Dete did as he told her; and the butler, with big buttons on his coat and round eyes almost as big in his head, came down the stairs.
" I would like to ask whether I may venture to dis­turb Fraulein Rottenmeier at this hour."
"That is not my business," answered the butler; " ring the other bell for the maid Tinette "; and without further information Sebastian disappeared.
Dete rang again. This time the maid Tinette ap­peared on the stairs, with a little cap, dazzlingly white, on the middle of her head and a scornful expression on her face.
" What is it ? " she asked from the stairs, without coming down. Dete repeated her request. Tinette disappeared, but soon came back again and called down the stairs: —
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