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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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this is the first time she has ever been in a gentleman's house, and she knows nothing about good manners; she is willing and quick to learn if the lady will have forbearance. She was baptized Adelheid, like her mother, my late sister."
"Well ! that is a name that can be pronounced," observed Fraulein Rottenmeier. " But, Dete, I must tell you that she is a remarkable-looking child for her age. I informed you that Fraulein Klara's companion must be of her age, in order to pursue the same studies with her and, especially, to share her occupations. Frau­lein Klara is more than twelve years old ; how old is this child ? "
"With the lady's permission," Dete began again, "I can't quite recollect just how old she is ; to be sure, she must be somewhat younger, but not very much. I can't say exactly; but she may be about the tenth year, or nearly that, I should think."
" I am eight now; grandfather said so," explained Heidi. The aunt nudged her again ; but Heidi had not the least suspicion why and was not at all embarrassed.
"What ? Only eight years old ! " exclaimed Fraulein Rottenmeier with some indignation. " Four years too little ! What does it mean ? What have you learned ? And what books have you studied ? "
"None," said Heidi.
" What ? what ? How did you learn to read then ?" asked the lady again.
" I have never learned to read; neither has Peter," Stated Heidi.
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