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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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watched everything in silence from her chair. Now she beckoned to Heidi:
" Come here ! "
Heidi went to the wheel chair.
" Would you rather be called Heidi or Adelheid ? " asked Klara.
" My name is Heidi and nothing else," was Heidi's reply.
" Then I will always call you so," said Klara. " I like the name for you; I have never heard it before, but I have never seen a child before that looks like you. Have you always had such short, curly hair ? "
" Yes, I think so," answered Heidi.
" Did you want to come to Frankfurt ? " asked Klara again.
" No; but to-morrow I am going back home again to carry the grandmother some white rolls," explained Heidi.
"You are a strange child!" said Klara. "They have brought you to Frankfurt expressly to stay with me and study with me, and you see now it will be very funny, because you don't know how to read at all, and there will be something entirely new in the study hours. It has often been so frightfully cedious, and it seems as if the morning would never end. You see, the Herr Kandidat comes every morning at ten o'clock, and then the lessons begin and last until two, and it is so long ! The Herr Kandidat often puts his book close to his face, as if he had suddenly grown nearsighted, but he is only yawning frightfully behind it, and Fraulein
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