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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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She went from the library to the dining-room, and from there back again, and then immediately turned round and went to Sebastian, who passed his round eyes thoughtfully over the table, which was already laid, to see if there was any fault to be found with his work.
" Think your great thoughts to-morrow, and to-day get ready for us to come to the table."
With these words Fraulein Rottenmeier passed by Sebastian and called Tinette in such an ungracious tone that she came mincing along with even shorter steps than usual, and stood before her with such a mocking face that Fraulein Rottenmeier herself did not dare to speak angrily to her; so her irritation increased within her.
"The little visitor's room is to be put in order, Tinette," said the lady with forced calmness; "every­thing is ready, but the furniture needs to be dusted."
"It is well worth while," said Tinette, sneeringly, and went out.
Meanwhile Sebastian had opened the double doors of the library with considerable noise, for he was very angry, but did not dare to give vent to his feelings in words before Fraulein Rottenmeier; he then went quite calmly into the library to push out the wheel chair. While he was arranging the handle at the back of the chair Heidi placed herself in front of him and fixed her eyes upon him. He noticed it and suddenly burst forth : —
" Now what is there so extraordinary to look at ?" he growled at Heidi, in a way he would not have spoken
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