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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi to take the place opposite. No one else came to the table, and as the three sat far apart, there was plenty of room for Sebastian to serve his dishes. Next Heidi's plate lay a lovely white roll; the child cast longing looks at it. The resemblance which Heidi had discovered must have aroused her entire confidence in Sebastian, for she sat as still as a mouse and did not move until he held out the large tray and offered her the fried fish ; then she pointed to the roll and said :
" Can I have that ? "
Sebastian nodded and glanced at Fraulein Rotten-meier, for he wondered what impression the question would make on her. In a twinkling Heidi seized her roll and put it into her pocket. Sebastian made up a face to keep from laughing, for he knew very well that it was not allowable. He remained standing silently by Heidi, for he did not dare to speak, and neither did he dare to move away until he was bidden. Heidi looked at him for some time in amazement, and then asked:
" Shall I eat some of that ? "
Sebastian nodded again.
"Then give me some," she said, looking calmly at her plate.
Sebastian's face grew very thoughtful, and the tray in his hand began to tremble dangerously.
" You can put the tray on the table and come back again later," said Fraulein Rottenmeier, looking severely at him.
Sebastian at once disappeared.
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