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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"As for you, Adelheid, I must positively give you some ideas ; I see that," continued Fraulein Rotten-meier with a deep sigh. " In the first place, I will tell you how to behave at the table"; and the lady ex­plained clearly and minutely everything that Heidi had to do. "Then," she went on, " I must impress it upon you particularly that you are not to speak to Sebastian at the table, unless you have some order to give, or some necessary question to ask."
She then told her how she was to address the differ­ent members of the household, ending with: " Klara will tell you how she wishes you to call her."
" Klara, of course," said the little invalid.
Then followed a multitude of instructions about ris­ing in the morning and going to bed, about coming in and going out, about shutting doors, and about orderli­ness in general. Meantime Heidi's eyes closed, for she had been up since five o'clock and had taken a long journey. She leaned back in her chair and fell asleep. When Fraulein Rottenmeier finally came to the end of her instructions, she said : —
" Now think this all over! Have you understood everything ?"
" Heidi has been asleep for a long time," said Klara, looking much amused; the supper hour had not passed so quickly in a long time.
" I never in all my life saw the like-of this child ! " exclaimed Fraulein Rottenmeier in great vexation ; and she rang the bell so violently that Tinette and Sebastian both came rushing in together. In spite of all the con-
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